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Find Your Courage and See What Lies On the Other Side

Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day to figure everything out? But, you REALLY want to travel to amazing destinations and profit both personally and professionally from an incredible retreat? Are you tired of struggling with a project this massive on your own and just want someone to help show you the way so you can get back to making a massive difference in your clients lives?

I want to help!

Investing in your vision is what you have been doing since you chose the path of service to others. I get it. I have been in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. First as a solo massage therapist, growing into a 2-person practice, to where I am now owning an award winning full service spa inside a beautiful resort in the Dominican Republic. It is not easy when it’s just you at the helm trying to wear all the hats; administrator, accounting, marketing, IT, head visionary, and oh yeah… actually doing what it is you love to do for your clients all at the same time. Where did we EVER get the idea that we had to do it alone?

Get 7 Simple Ways to Apply the Rules of Self Love to Your Business

This is where I can help you! 

• Let’s get you to check in with yourself and your business to know where you really are. 
• Help you tap in to your own divine knowledge of what it is you do to create an incredible experience for you and for your clients. 
• Find ways to ensure that your business and retreats are in alignment so that your clients have the best possible experience.
• Ensure you find your “Destination Success” with a retreat that is profitable and transformational on many levels

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